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Let us help you with rashes, itches, sneezes and wheezes

Respiratory: Asthma, Chronic Cough, Wheezes, Chest Congestion & Shortness of Breath.

Nasal Symptoms: Congestion, Sneezing, Sinus Pressure, Itchy Eyes, & Headaches.

Skin Abnormalities: Hives, Rashes and General Itching to the Skin.

Allergy: Testing, Vaccination, Immunotherapy, Xolair Injections and Infusion Therapies.





Breathe easier, almost immediately.

Dr, Neuzil's Irrigator herbal enhanced nasal spray was developed by Ed Neuzil - founder of the Allergy, Sinus and Asthma Family Health Center. 

This non-medicated, non addictive saline nasal spray formula includes natural essential oils that soothe and moisturize nasal passages for ages 4 - 104.

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eHealth Radio Network

When eHealth radio wants to know, they go to the source!  Hear Ed's interview on the eHealth Radio Network and learn more about how he invented Dr. Neuzil's Irrigator Nasal Spray among other topics.





Natural Approaches to Stopping Sniffles

Everyone gets the sniffles now and then. Some more than others. Check out #allergies on Twitter and you’d be amazed by all of the sufferers! We want to educate people about the importance of good sinus health and the potential ease of achieving it. Chronic rhinitis sufferers may find alternatives – many non-medicated – that they hadn’t thought of.




May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

Ed Neuzil, registered nurse practitioner at Allergy, Sinus and Asthma Family Health Center explains how asthma and allergies often go hand in hand.



New This Month

Despite its name, the cold can happen anytime time of year. A cold is a virus. And according to the Mayo Clinic there are more than 100 types of cold viruses. Allergies share many of the same symptoms as colds and start acting up when your immune system has an adverse reaction to certain triggers. Here in Florida, those triggers may be present year round, thanks to our moderate climate.

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